Milica Živković, Zivkovic Recruiting

I have 5 years of experience working remote as a freelance recruiter. It wasn’t always easy, but I learned some valuable lessons. Benefits of working as remote recruiter are that there are no location limits. My clients are from all over the world, mostly from US, Canada and Europe.
Some companies I worked for in the past:
MEI Security
XMARU s.r.o

My philosophy:

  • Respect. Everyone deserves respect! No matter if you are a client or a candidate, you will get the same professional treatment and respect. In my practice, every candidate is important and no one will ever be ghosted and let without information in the selection process.

  • Recruiting takes time so please be patient. To attract and manage the right talent we would need open cooperation, time, precision and focus. It is not always a smooth and easy process but I will guide you till we succeed.

  • Every recruitment process is unique, and it demands strategic thinking and the right perspective.

  • I am not an obnoxious recruiter. I do not spam people. I respect everyone’s time and focus and try to develop a lasting relationship with my candidates and my clients. That is only possible when recognizing each other as partners in the recruiting process.

  • Recruiting is not always a straight winning path. There are sometimes curves, problems, and failures. You can not be great recruiter if you do not know how to embrace failure, learn from it and going forward despite it. You can’t succeed in recruiting unless you are ok with failure. The success will come when you stick to it. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.