My model is tailor made for small businesses and startups. I am efficient, as an individual recruiter and working in a team, highly flexible and adaptive and most of all, I provide you and your candidates a stellar service at a fraction of the agency cost. If you do not have an in-house recruiter or have a small HR team, I am here to team up with you and to help you find the right talent for your company.

-I offer two working models- FLAT or Contingency model. You can decide which way you’d prefer. FLAT is a weekly amount you pay me, there are no additional fees. Contingency model is based on the hire you make from my recruiting efforts, their base salary, and I will get paid a percentage of that. The best choice will depend on your hiring plans and details associated.

- Industries of my primary interests for recruiting are IT and Gaming industries but I worked in the Hospitality and Health industries so I can recruit whoever for whatever. There is no limitation on location, seniority or skill set of the desired candidate as long as he or she speaks English.

-I work remotely. This means that I work from any location, whenever I want. Flexibility is crucial! To be effective in recruiting, you need to be open for new things, act fast, to be adaptive and responsive. In the last 5 years of remote working, I got amazing results only for guiding by these principles and for consistency in my work.

- I am easy to get in touch with and very accessible. My standard availability time is 10 am to 5 pm CET on working days but if you prefer email communication, you can send me email any day and anytime. I usually respond on the same day.

If you are interested in doing business with me, please contact me and we can discuss details such as your hiring needs, your company culture, and your budget.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Advantages of individual recruiter over the recruitment agency:

1. Listening, listening and more listening... Even before I introduce myself, I practice active listening sessions. This ensures that I understand your hiring needs and your desires and tailor the individual and effective strategy for your business. You will get the attention you deserve.

2. Dealing with the individual recruiter is an advantage as you will get 1 on 1 relationship and you will have one line of communication thus eliminate mistakes and misunderstandings that are very common in staffing agencies. You will get the straightforward recruiting process with lasting impact on your company.

3. Pay rate. There are many popular payment models in the recruiting industry and Contingency is the most popular. In this model, you could pay from 20 to 30 percent of the candidate’s first-year salary. It is a lot of money and it can limit the growth of your company. I can offer you something more affordable.

4. Agency methods vary. Many agency recruiters use outdated methods and ones not so ethical. They do not have knowledge or time to engage with candidates as they are working on many projects simultaneously. For them, you are only the number and they will not present you nor your company in the best light. Their efforts can give you results but it may not be the best results possible. You deserve to get candidates who are truly excited to work with you as you are excited to have them in your team. You deserve a true match.

5. You may lose time and money with an agency because they value only the monetary gain. If your agency has a better-paying client, they could offer your perfect candidate to them to increase their revenue and place a weaker candidate on your account. You deserve to have a professional relationship with your recruiter, to get an exclusive on every candidate and to get the engagement with a value.